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Revolutionizing email marketing

In 2021, the average email open rate was 2.3%. We fight that statistic by creating beautifully flowing marketing campaigns centered around your brand. By focusing on connecting with subscribers, we have a proven track record of boosting click rates by over 75%. 

See the difference.

What sets us apart.

24/7 support

Newslette streamlined for mobile use

Completely custom email campaig based on your company's needs

Professional marketers with years of experience

Weekly meetings to assess efficiency

Newsletters in any language

Focus on a modern, user friendly design

All content created with TSS seamlessly integrated

Email Marketing Package


Best for brands looking to increase their newsletter audience

Monthly subscription

  • Daily and weekly newsletters

  • Themed emails in line with brand identity

  • Seamlessly incorporates videos, blogs, social posts, etc

  • Customizable schedule based on audience size and engagement

Co-workers in Modern Office
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