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Every Story Matters

Like most companies, we started small. 


Jamie Holmes, the company's founder, and his daughter Hannah would go on shoots together in Orlando. 

They did things different from the start.


Most media companies take weeks or even months to turn around stories. They use lots of heavy equipment and hire dozens of crew members for one shoot. When the job is done, costs are through the roof & the video still has to make its way through multiple departments before getting approved. 

Sound familiar? 


Jamie knew the industry had to change with the times. Working in the news industry for more than 25 years, he had to find and tell stories quickly. 


He took these skills and applied them to media production, offering services for clients at an affordable price and with a rapid turnaround time.

Need something that day?

No problem.

Need video content to feed social media channels every day of the month? Sure, we got you.


Now, Top Story Studios is an international company serving charities, fast food corporations, hospitals, Fortune 500 companies, school districts and more.


It's time to leverage storytelling to elevate your company directly into the hands and hearts of customers, donors, and potential partners. From client and employee profiles to video fundraising campaigns to engaging stories about your programs, Top Story Studios and its team of journalists and seasoned storytellers create stories that are emotional and authentic. 


Use the power of video storytelling to showcase your work like never before.

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