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Jamie Holmes


Jamie Holmes is a seasoned journalist with 25+ years behind the desk and in the field covering some of the biggest stories in the nation. From the Pulse Terror Attack, to the 2000 presidential debacle, to dozens of hurricanes, he has a proven ratings track record of connecting and engaging with audiences in a warm, calm and sometimes humorous manner. With thousands of dedicated followers across his social media platforms, he's found a place in the hearts of people both on air and off. He works for Top Story Studios as an interviewer and videographer.

Nancy Alvarez


Nancy Alvarez is a bilingual journalist with twenty years on the anchor desk and in the field covering the biggest stories in the nation in both English and Spanish. From multiple hurricanes and launches from the Space Coast to the Pulse terror attack and the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, she has built her career on delivering the news with authenticity and compassion. With thousands of followers on her social media platforms and her leadership role in the community, Nancy has built a strong connection with viewers built on integrity, credibility and public service.


Hannah V Holmes

Drone Pilot/Videographer

Holmes has been covering local and national stories for over 4 years and in the process worked with charities and Fortune 500 companies, filmed and been on packages for national news, built a network of over 12k followers on Instagram, filmed TedTalks, designed over a dozen websites, done corporate reporting, commercials, and filmed and edited dozens of short films in both English and Spanish. She works for Top Story Studios as a commercial drone pilot and videographer.

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